The five core principles of mrktng4 services approach
The five core principles of mrktng4 services approach:
1. Working closely with the agreed-upon KPIs. Almost everything can be counted and predicted.

2. Deep integration into the product. Our managers work best when directly connected to the product developers, this gives them the best understanding of the product and lets them excel in the services that we provide.

3. We are secure and are happy to sign NDAs to guarantee the security of your product.

4. All of our managers are under strictly enforced NDAs.

5. While working on your product, we will always strive to bring forward original ideas - this is a partnership and we will carry our weight.
Why us?
Our international team will help you to open new horizons.
International Team
We have different experienced people across Europe and Russia. Always trying to find the right people for right products.
Our expertise means that we will always target the right people for your product. Years of experience of each team member stands for it.
Different Markets
EN (UK-US), RU, IT, PL, DE, FR, ES, NL, PT, BR, BA, HR, SR, HU, NO — these are the markets in which we operate. Natives are always the best who can understand the market - we have them.
Community Approach
We understand the community, how and where to find it, how to adapt marketing to the local mentality, current trends and turn all this for a product!
Check out our Case Study and Press website section, to see what we've done in the past:
What do we offer?
Community Management
Whether you need a community built up from scratch or have an existing one that needs managing, our team of Community Managers will put their vast experience at your disposal.

Our team will ensure that your community remains engaged using all of the best practices, and know that their voices are heard no matter what.
Customer support
The Mrktng4 Customer Support (CS) team is ready to help you manage your project's support needs.

Whether you need to start providing support to your customers from scratch, or if you have a system in place, or even if you wish to develop your existing system, we are here to help, and come with a wealth of knowledge and experience that we rely on to provide you with the best service possible.
Community Marketing
The internet is full of communities where people gather to talk about their latest online-gaming experience, these external communities are ideal places for product promotion.

Our community marketers specialize in identifying relevant external communities and engage with them to promote your game.
Content Creation
Our creative team works in tandem with all of our other departments to identify what exactly your players like to see the most.

We then create tailor-made content in the form of images, GIFs and gameplay videos for your audience.
Our Social Media team will handle everything from content to running ad campaigns on Facebook, Vkontakte, and Reddit. KPIs will be constantly monitored and the ads will be fine-tuned and improved to achieve the most optimal price/quality performance.
Influencer Management
Having influencers know about and recommend your game is a sure way to success.

We will work on identifying and managing the best and most relevant influencers for your game. What's more, we have a purposely built database of influencers that we know work well.
Quality Assurance
Ensuring your game runs smoothly is extremely important in today's day and age..

Our team will thoroughly test, assess and try to replicate any issues in your build to deliver a detailed and easy to read report. This will ensure that your developers will be able to quickly iron out issues and improve the quality of your game. We also offer testing services for clients that simply want their game fully tested.
We've done marketing for
How much are our services?
Less than you imagine.
Stan Pleshchev
Co-Owner, Business Development
His journey in the gaming industry started with the company Buka where he worked as a project manager. Now he has over 11 years of experience, including a collaboration with Perfect World Entertainment as a freelance PR Manager managing the CIS, Italy, Poland, and Turkey markets.

Stan now specializes in market analysis, planning, working with publishers and investors, and handling project management.
Alex Moshkov
Co-Owner, Executive Manager
With over 12 years of experience in the gaming industry having worked in roles such as journalism, developing gaming products, and community creation, Alexander sure knows his way around the place!

With a passion for planning strategies and processes, he gained a wealth of experience marketing games and software products while working with Noviy Disk, 1C-SoftClub,, Perfect World Entertainment, Panzar Studio, 101XP, and Yandex. Alexander is now ready to face new challenges with mrktng4.
Tenzin Chiodak
Co-Owner, Lead Community Manager
Tenzin has over 10 years of experience managing communities for online games, launching the MMO-TCG Hex Shards of Fate and the MMO-RPG Therian Saga to the European markets. Tenzin prides himself in always making sure that the wants and needs of the community are heard and understood.

Yaroslav Kadyshev
Lead Project Manager
Big fan of indie-games and a specialist with a wide range of skills from community management to localization and PR. He helped companies like Stunlock Studios and Goblinz Studio to bring their games to the Russian-speaking gamers and now he's working with us to take care of project management in the company.
Daniele Colacicchi
Community Manager, Quality Assurance Manager and Localisation (IT)
Daniele has spent the better part of a decade managing and being part of thriving online communities.
With a background in community management, graphic design and professional writing, he is a veritable jack of all trades capable of handling even the most arduous of tasks: from management to quality assurance, he can do it all, and do it well.
Daria Bulavskaya
Community Manager
Having worked both in experienced companies and indie game studios, Daria likes staying enthusiastic about everything she does. She's an avid fan of gaming in all forms and thinks that better than playing games can only be working with them.
Elena Tortosa
Community Manager, Quality Assurance Manager and Localisation (ES)
Elena always has a community driven mentality and as such she has been involved in different fields within the gaming industry, from Community Management to User Engagement passing by Quality Control in a wide range variety of projects.
If Elena had to choose what makes her happy that would be graphic design, videogames where she can interact with others and the color pink.
Tomas Soares
Customer Support
Tomás loves to meet new places, people and cultures, but it is indeed hard to keep travelling all year round. Community Management is a way to keep connected with people, from several different backgrounds, and to feel useful by helping our beloved players. While he is still studying management-related topics, he has been managing game communities for a long time and keeps himself open-minded to new challenges!
Mikhail Dementiev
Design and Content Manager
Mikhail started his videogames journey in 1991 with the "Titanic" game on ZX Spectrum. Spent a lot of time exploring games on PC and consoles and had a dream to become a part of the game industry. The dream started to figure out when he started his gaming blog and community called BELONGPLAY where he finds a lot of new friends and the way to wisely realize his skills.
- Digital Marketing Specialist: Content, SEO, SMM, SERM, Ads, Copywriting, etc
- Music addicted: Works at Russian Drum Center and organize local concerts
- Graduated Engineer of multipurpose tracked and wheeled vehicles
- Professional yo-yo player since 2006